Bead Head Two-Toned Woolly Bugger

Bead Head Two-Toned Woolly Bugger


This version of the egg-sucking leech has been knocking out steelhead, Dolly Varden, rainbow, New England brook trout, and grayling all over Alaska, the Great Lakes feeder streams, and New England and Eastern Canada as far north as you can find brookies. Tied skinny with white on the bottom and a color top, this fly imitates sculpin, a main food source for all predatory species. Black is one of the top flies for steelies on Chautauqua Creek, Canadaway Creek, Cattaraugus Creek in NY. Also a top fly for the Schoolhouse and Black Hole on the Pulaski, NY Salmon River (where the world record silver salmon was caught). Great reports out of Maine for Brook trout as well! 2x strong series 5263 nymph hook.

Size: 4.

Colors: Olive/White, Purple/White, Black/Chartreuse.

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