Everglow Fly (NEW Pink color added)

Everglow Fly (NEW Pink color added)


This exceptional attractor pattern is a winner for king salmon, silvers, chum, and steelhead. And, yes, it really does "glow" when activated by flashlight, sunlight, or camera strobe. This green chartreuse, yellow chartreuse, orange glow, or pink glow is highly attractive to salmon and steelhead trout even during the full daylight hours of Alaska's summer. They can see the extra energy released that our eyes cannot. A large pattern for big fish. Tied on a heavily-weighted, stainless steel Daiichi 2546 saltwater hook. Compare ours to the competition. We use true glow tubing, bucktail underwing, and glow flash-a-bou for the wing.

Sizes: 1, 1/0, 2/0.
Colors: Green Chartreuse, Hot Pink, Yellow Chartreuse, Orange.

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