Mason Hard Type Nylon Monofilament Leader Material 30 lb.

Mason Hard Type Nylon Monofilament Leader Material 30 lb.


"HARD TYPE NYLON" Leader Tie Kit. Mason's famous leader material allows the fisherman to tie his own special leaders for his specific requirements. Hard type nylon is extremely popular for its stiffness. Salt Water quality. 30 lb. test. 25 yd.

"Mason's Hard Nylon is the proper monofilament for tying the butt and taper sections of the "slack" dry fly type of leaders, as espoused by the innovative fly fishermen George Harvey and Joe Humphreys. Mr. Harvey has unfortunately passed. But Joe Humphreys is an actively fishing octogenarian who prefers Mason's hard nylon for the butt sections of is hand tied leaders. Masons is stiffer than Maxima, and is accurately sized for the stated diameter. Maxima, though a well made monofilament with much to recommend about it, is inaccurately sized, often times thicker than the stated diameter. Masons gives the best performance for the Harvey dry fly leaders, which enable the caster to achieve drifts without drag. I recommend them highly. " Only 3 available.


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