Bead-Sucking Cone Head Leech (King)

Bead-Sucking Cone Head Leech (King)


An original pattern we developed, this is the latest twist on what is probably the most famous fly pattern used in Alaska. The cone head provides weight and jigging action to the fly. Extra weight is provided by 5 inches of .035 lead wire under the body. The color beads actually emit a phosphorescent glow when charged by a flashlight, sunlight, or camera strobe. This feature greatly increases the effectiveness of the pattern during periods of reduced visibility and high glacial silt, and the extra energy emitted is detected by salmon even in full daylight. 3.5 to 4 inch total length. One of our heaviest offerings. Tied on 2x-strong Daiichi 2220 streamer hook.

Size: 2 only.
Colors: Purple/Glo Pink, Black/Glo Orange, Black/Glo Green, Chartreuse/Glo Green, Fuchsia/Glo Pink, White/Glo Pink.

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