Magnum Dolly Llama - Size 2/0 (NEW)

Magnum Dolly Llama - Size 2/0 (NEW)


The hottest new fly pattern in Alaska today for giant Rainbow, Steelhead, King, Chum, and Silver/Coho salmon. Very heavy, magnum-sized, eyed cone head, strong, sharp hook. The swirling, articulated action of the Dolly Llama elicits powerful strikes from salmon and trout. We use a size 2/0 Gamakatsu #02412 Intruder hook because that's what you'll need for Alaska's giant rainbow and salmon. These hooks have a 1/2-inch gape so they are not legal on "fly-fishing-only" waters. Articulation comes from the "string". We use 50 lb. SpiderWire for its strength and abrasion resistance. The doubled strand gives an effective weight limit to 75 lbs. No one beats our quality, and they won't tell you what hook they use. We offer most of the same colors as for our standard Dolly Llama (see that listing for colors). Olive/White and Black/White imitate the Arctic lamprey eel, a giant rainbow favorite snack that invades coastal Alaskan rivers such as the Naknek, Alagnak, Kvichak, Nushagak, and Kenai. Salmon love the bright colors and flash. Use chartreuse near the salt, on the Kenai, and in gin clear rivers. Pink and Fuchsia are favorites of King, Chum, and Silvers. As for kings, the old saying is: "dark fly for a dark day, bright fly for a bright day". We suggest black/blue or purple/black for the dark fly and chartreuse/blue and pink/orange for the light fly. Silvers on the Kenai have been going for chartreuse/white and Tutti Frutti. Here's a hint: slip a size 8mm bead egg onto the leader and turn any Dolly Llama into an instant "Egg Sucker". Due to expected demand, quantities may be limited. Order now while our stock bins are full.

Size: 2/0.
Colors: Black/Blue, Fuchsia/White, Pink/Orange, Purple/Black, Black/White, Chartreuse/Fl. Blue, Chartreuse/White, Olive/White, Pink/Chartreuse (aka Tutti Frutti), Pink/Purple, Pink/White.

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