Cotton Candy

Cotton Candy


Cotton Candy is the legendary "yarn fly" for Alaskan trout and one of the best-kept "secret lodge flies". This yarn-winged flesh and egg pattern is fantastic and works all season! Looks like a glob of milt-covered salmon eggs or a tasty bite of salmon flesh. The Peach and White colors represent washed out salmon flesh or dead eggs, two of the favorite monster trout meals. The yarn wing assists anglers by allowing more time to set the hook as the fish's teeth get hung up in the yarn. Rainbow hit these hard and the more chewed-up they get, the better they work! Some lodges use more than 300 dozen of these per season. Unweighted on a heavy-duty 2X strong series 5262 nymph hook.

Size: 6 only.
Colors (body chenille/tail & wing): Shell Pink/Champagne, Fl. White/Peachy King, Peach/Champagne, Fl. Orange/White.

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