Trout Bead Eggs, 6mm

Trout Bead Eggs, 6mm


The hottest egg pattern that everyone has been asking for. Looks like a real sockeye egg. Fifty (50) 6mm beads sold loose with a half-dozen (6) 2x-strong, Daiichi 1650 egg hooks (please indicate size 6 or 8 or 10), and instructions for rigging in the Alaskan drag method. Our competitors charge you more, give you less beads, and give you NO hooks! Our color code is followed by the equivalent Glo-BugĀ® yarn color. The glow colors can be activated with a flashlight or camera strobe to drive fish crazy, even in daylight!

Hook Sizes: 6, 8, 10.

Colors: Fl. Flame (Flame), Fl. Orange (Dark Roe), Glow Orange (Sockeye), Peach (Pink Lady), Glow Pink (Cherise).

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